Ikigai Diet Life is a way to help you stay young and healthy to enjoy your 100 year life

Hi my name is Sachiaki Takamiya. I am in my late 50s but haven’t had any problems at my yearly check ups so far. 

I am a writer and the founder of Ikigai Diet. Ikigai Diet is a diet modeling the diet of the healthiest people in Japan, which is considered to be a country with the longest life expectancy.
In this blog, I am covering topics such as fermented food, organic food, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, and macrobiotic diet to help you stay healthy. Ikigai Diet goes beyond just eating; how you produce food is vital, so I also deal with organic farming, biodynamic farming, and natural farming. Since it is a way of health and happiness, I am writing about lifestyles in general; exercises, living environment, relationships with your family and friends, work-life balance, and your values and spirituality. I am especially introducing current Japanese trends in health and well-being which are not shared so much abroad since many books and magazine articles dealing with these topics are not written in English.